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ASAP Expedited Courier is one of the leading, well-known, same-day courier services in Milwaukee. Our goal at ASAP is to ensure 100% customer satisfaction & on-time deliveries.


In today’s business of supply and demand, look for the most economical answer. When considering your everyday delivery needs, evaluate the many advantages of using a good reliable courier:

Your Company savings:

  • No buying or leasing of a company vehicle
  • No employee salary cost for a driver
  • No insurance cost for truck or employee
  • No worry of driving in bad weather

Time and cost can become astronomical when you need that last minute or time related deliveries, such as:

  • Mail deliveries / pick ups
  • Inter-office deliveries / pick ups
  • Bank work and transactions
  • Blueprint / drawings and plans
  • Payroll service
  • Counter to counter airport deliveries / pick ups
  • Parts deliveries / pick ups
  • Any urgent deliveries and pick ups

ASAP Expedited Courier takes great pride in assuring that your packages will ALWAYS be handled professionally and promptly.

"When you need it in a snap….. Call A.S.A.P.!!!"